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Looking for a way to protect your smartphone’s screen? Keeping your screen protected is extremely important. It not only extends the overall life of your phone, it allows it to function normally — which is important when you’re busy taking selfies! Here are a few great screen protection options. 

Kristall Liquid Makes Your Phone Screen as hard as Sapphire

If you want to reduce the risk of scratches and the accumulation of smudges on your smartphone or tablet screen, then you need a screen protector.

The problem with almost all the options on the market is that you virtually have to be in a vacuum environment if you expect to be able to apply them without any bubbles, trapped dust, or wrinkles.

You also need really steady hands or the whole thing can prove to be an exercise in frustration.

Anyone who’s tried to apply screen protectors before knows how challenging and frustrating it can be. 

Enter the Kristall liquid screen protector, from Malaysian company E-Mark Global Trade, with a clever liquid solution.

Pop open the kit, clean your phone’s screen with the provided alcohol wipe, dry it off, and then apply the magic solution with the provided pad.

Polish it on evenly, leave to dry for a couple of minutes, polish with the cloth again, and a minute later you have a protective layer on your screen that’s completely invisible.

How easy is that?

The majority of the top screen protectors on the market boast a hardness rating of 9H and Kristall’s liquid solution matches that. It will safeguard your screen from minor scratches, of the kind typically caused by keys in the pocket, and it could prevent much worse.

Kristall Liquid Makes Your Phone Screen as hard as Sapphire | Digital Trends

Need a good quality screen protector for your iPhone? Here are 5 of the best rated iPhone screen protectors around, there’s sure to be one to fit your needs — and your budget! 

5 Best iPhone 6 Screen Protectors

So, you just threw down some serious cash on the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. The screen is much bigger than the previous models, sure, but that also leaves more real estate susceptible to the occasional scratch, nick, or drop.

We’ve all been there: you get a new phone thinking that this time it’ll be different and you won’t scratch the screen, only to drop it or bang it on something hard!

And considering it’s going to be a little while before you can get your hands on the iPhone 7 — or maybe not, knowing Apple — you might want to take a few precautions to ensure your iPhone’s gorgeous display remains as pristine as possible.

A simple screen protector will suffice for most, especially when paired with the proper case, thus helping shield your display with tempered glass and full-screen protection that costs far less than the price of a replacement display.

There are several different options to choose from, one for every budget! 

Now, if only you could avoid dropping it in the first place…

The Best

Moshi iVisor Glass ($39.95) assured, your screen is perfectly safe in Moshi’s hands.

This screen protector is incredibly easy to apply, and because it’s a solid screen protector opposed to a sheet, Moshi guarantees it is bubble free.

Finding a screen protector that’s easy to apply is very important, especially if you’re planning on putting it on your phone yourself. 

Removal is just as easy given the supplied suction cup, too, and its stout design is crafted to resist everything from razor blades to hammer blows.

It mimics the responsiveness of your phone’s display for the utmost precision, and even though it will likely crack if dropped, it’s still designed to leave your phone unscathed.

The Rest

Spigen Screen Protector Crystal ($10)

Simply put, Spigen makes one of the best film screen protectors out there.

The company’s film protector, though harder to apply and not as strong as a glass protector, remains durable and provides ample protection against everyday scratches.

You can apply the thin film without spray, however, you’ll still have to deal with the occasional bubble during the application process.

It’s also responsive and crystal-clear if properly applied, but we suggest pairing it with a full-body case given the film isn’t the best at handling shock absorption when dropped.

Adding a case to your phone, in addition to a screen protector, is a great way to ensure that it’s protected from damages that might occur with daily use. 

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What are some of the things you need to protect your screen from? Do you have a favorite screen protector that you love to use on your iPhone or other smartphones?

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