Taking Great Selfies in New York City

Planning a trip to New York City soon and want to know where the best places to take a selfie are? We all want to commemorate trips to new and exciting places by taking pictures, and what better way than taking selfies at famous New York City landmarks? 

Our Five Favorite Selfie Spots in NYC

http://www.teenvogue.com/story/dkny-selfiesPeople post more than one million selfies every day, from all corners of the U.S. and across the globe.

That’s a lot of selfies! We all want to share our experiences with our friends and families, and taking selfies is one of the best, and easiest, ways to do just that!

That number got us to wondering how many selfies are being snapped at this very moment in NYC—and where, exactly, do people tend to take them?

The answer is: everywhere. That’s one of the great things about New York—no matter where you are, you’re probably in a place that’s worthy of a snapshot.

But that doesn’t mean some spots aren’t more selfie-worthy than others.

We did a quick survey of our favorite city documentarians and pulled together a list of five not-to-be-missed selfie spots across the boroughs. Check’em out!

1. The Brooklyn Bridge

This one’s a no brainer—it seems like every movie or show that’s ever been shot in the city features this iconic spot—but not everyone knows that they’re getting a little piece of history when they walk across.

You’ve probably seen more than a handful of movies that include gorgeous shots of the Brooklyn Bridge. Why not take a selfie to commemorate your own visit?

The Brooklyn Bridge is a historical landmark (it opened in 1883) and from the center of those soaring arches you will get a view of the city unlike any other. We recommend snapping a selfie late in the day, when you can take full advantage of a gorgeous sunset.

Finish up your bridge walk with a cheesy slice on the other side: You’ve earned it, after walking a mile from Manhattan to Brooklyn!

2. Anywhere in Washington Square Park

While this neck of town is often the turf of NYU students on a study break, it’s also an amazing intersection of old city and new, between the musicians who sometimes play grand pianos in the park, chess games on the southwest side, and kids splashing their feet in the fountain at the center of it all.

In addition to taking selfies when you are visiting a new place, taking pictures of the normal, day-to-day lives of people who live there is a great way to really get to see what happens in a place you’ve never been. 

Our fave selfie spots in Washington Square are underneath the arch, sitting with your feet in the fountain, or relaxing benchside with your best buds (we have a lot of that last one in our own selfie arsenal).

What are your favorite places to take selfies in New York City? Do you live there or visit regularly and have regular hangout spots you frequent and snap selfies?

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