Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wired connected selfie stick?

The 2015 wired connected selfie stick from Sentar is an improved version of monopod for taking a selfie easier and more convenient than ever before. Just plug the wire into the 3.5mm audio jack on your mobile phone and your ready to take immediate photos with its built-in shutter button.

Why choose a wired connected selfie stick?

There are 4 main advantages of a wired connected selfie stick:

(1)  No need to connect to Bluetooth, therefore no problems with availability or pairing 

(2)  No battery inside so you never have to worry about running out of battery when you are travelling;

(3)  Plug and play without fixing any settings.

(4) Its compatible with both android and ios systems.

What smart phones does it support?

It can support all smartphones available on the market, such as IPHONE/SAMSUNG/

Black Berry/Motorola/SONY/

NOKIA/LG/Lenovo/HUAWEI/ZTE/HTC and so on.

The difference between the SENTAR and other Monopods
The difference between our product and other products
Comparison point Our product Other products
Material Aluminum Alloy
Lightweight,strong and won’t rust.
Heavy and will develop rust after several months.
Phone holder Foldable phone holder
Simple and easy for quick application.
Unfoldable phone holder
Have to assemble before using and disassemble after using.
Shutter button Built-in shutter button
Advanced technology for single hand use and no worry about it getting lost
Remote control button
Can not use it with single hand and you may forget to take it or in fact lose it quite easily.
Segments stretch flexibility  Easy to stretch 
Specially designed segments to expand easily and smoothly
Hard to stretch
Hard to stretch and the segments will become loose after just a few months of using.
Segments Quantity 5 Segments
Ideal number of segments which makes it very durable.
7 Segments
The more segments it has,the more risk it will get broken.
What you have to take when using it Just one selfie stick  Makes it very convenient and easy to use, never worry about losing it. Selfie stick,phone holder, remote control button and other accessories You may forget to take or lose any part of these.


Sentar Wired Connected Selfie Stick

  • No need to connect Bluetooth, plug into the Audio jack on every smartphone!
  • No need to charge! never worry about running out of battery when you are travelling.
  • Extremely lightweight for easy handling and carrying.
  • Aluminum Alloy material with hard anodized finish to prevent rusting.
  • Unique Design makes it special from other comparable products on the market
  • Non-slip streamline handle is ergonomically designed with special attention paid to comfort and control.
  • Built-in double springs and hook designed to prevent the phone from falling
  • 270° rotatable phone holder to take photos from all angles
  • Compatible with both IOS and ANDROID system,support most sizes of smart phones.
  • Mini Tripod is also suitable for camera’s and smartphones alike.
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